Episode 98 – 2020: The Best of a Bad Year

What a year… but it’s finally over! 2020 played host to real scenarios much more frightening to regular people than any ghouls or goblins in horror cinema, but the genre persisted and delivered plenty of quality films to enjoy in the comfort of our homes. Despite the blockbuster delays, the halted productions, and the exorbitant “theater at home” rental costs, horror was as productive as ever this year, especially in the realm of indie content, which saw an incredible boom–as such, there’s no shortage of films to craft a top 10 list from. Your terrifying twosome, Barnabas and Samael, take to their final episode of a tumultuous year to discuss their personal top 10 lists, as well as some other exciting topics concerning 2020 horror.

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Barnabas’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2020 (Full List)

Samael’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2020 (Full List)

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