Barnabas’s Boneyard – Episode 8 – The Nun 2 Spoiler-Free Review!

Gravers! Welcome to Barnabas’s Boneyard, a spinoff of the Grave Discussions podcast. Creep on in for new movie reviews, Blu-ray reviews, rankings, topical discussions, and much more from your inimitable host, Barnabas.

Gravers, much like the demon Valak, Barnabas “lives” once more! Your horrifying host shares his thoughts on the latest Conjuring universe entry, The Nun 2, and looks back to the first Nun film that started it all. Tune in to find out if the sequel rises above its predecessor or if it will need to pray for a miracle…

And don’t forget to tune into the latest episode of the podcast, Episode 107 – The Return of the Living Bushwackers (The Barn Part II Review), all about The Barn Part II.

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