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Grave Discussions Episode 109 Cover

It Can't Rain All the Time

Barnabas and Samael come back to life with a vengeance to discuss the 1994 gothic classic, The Crow!

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Grave Discussions Episode 108 Cover

Terrorizing Top 5 of 2023

The horror film fiends count down their Top 5 Movies of 2023 in this returning annual episode!
Grave Discussions Episode 107 Cover

The Return of the Living Bushwackers

Barnabas and Samael rise from the depths of hell to discuss a long-awaited retro horror sequel, "The Barn Part II"!
Grave Discussions Episode 106 Cover

The Mother of All Evil

Barnabas and Samael summon "The Mother of All Evil" and all of her maggots in the long-awaited review of "Evil Dead Rise"!

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Cult Corner

Cult Corner – Night of the Demons 2

Brian Trenchard-Smith’s sequel to the original Night of the Demons expands on the humorous tones of the first film to establish its own identity while still retaining the scary, nerve-wracking atmosphere, and has become a cult classic in its own right.

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Chopping Block

Chopping Block – The Shed

The devilish duo sink their teeth into the brand-new vampire flick on Shudder, “The Shed”, and determine whether it’s worth the watch in the return of the Chopping Block!

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What is Grave Discussions?

Grave Discussions Logo - GreenIn February 2018, one man was told that he had a voice fit for podcasting. That man is Barnabas, founder & host of Grave Discussions. With his love of all things horror, he recruited his close friend, Samael, and together they began a journey into a terrifying world.

Grave Discussions is the festering heartbeat of the horror community. The show covers everything from the latest horror news to new movie reviews, cult classic retrospectives, analyses, and other fascinating topics.

Meet the Hosts

Barnabas - Founder & Host

Barnabas took his love for film & horror and made it his own. Apart from Grave Discussions, he works as a filmmaker in Metro Detroit, and is an avid pop culture/entertainment enthusiast.

Samael - Co-Host

Samael has been here since the beginning - quite literally. His intense passion for 80's slashers - and horror in general - were the final piece of the puzzle that created Grave Discussions.