Episode 100 – Top 10 Terrors of 2021

If 2020 felt like a blur, 2021 just barely slowed down and still managed to t-bone your car. Despite everything going on in the world, the horror genre–once again–persisted, providing some incredible entertainment. As is the annual tradition, Barnabas and Samael claw their way out from their fetid crypts to share their Top 10 Horror Films of 2021. The (g)hosts also reflect back on the year of horror as a whole, highlighting trends, other projects, and much more. If that isn’t enough, Grave Discussions celebrates its 100th episode! Listen closely, gravers, for a special announcement regarding the show’s milestone—and thank you for your support!

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Barnabas’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2021 (Full List)

Samael’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2021

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