Episode 109 – It Can’t Rain All the Time

Grave Discussions Episode 109 Website Cover

Your favorite undead talk show hosts are back from the afterlife; the crow carried their spirits back due to misconduct… Oof. Few vigilantes are as cool, calm, and collected as Eric Draven, resurrected by a mystical entity in Alex Proyas’s 1994 cult classic, The Crow, to enact revenge on the gangsters who murdered him and his fiancée. Ahead of the 2024 reimagining, Barnabas and Samael break down the ’90s urban gothic masterpiece, star Brandon Lee’s untimely death and legacy, and their expectations about the new film.

Warning: Spoilers for The Crow ahead.

Check out Barnabas’s take on the Crow (2024) official trailer on TikTok!

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