Episode 101 – Carving Up a New Legacy

Warning: Spoilers for Scream 5 and 2022’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre are ahead.

Grave Discussions has risen from the grave once again! In this episode, Barnabas and Samael make a fitting return to discuss the concept of the horror legacy sequel, specifically within the frame of Scream 5 and the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Joining them is the macabre special guest host The Caretaker, once more sharing his love for all things Wes Craven! While the topic and its subjects are no longer fresh, the type of film the terrifying trio is covering is still extremely relevant in the modern horror landscape. Join the team for a compelling discussion and stay tuned for a more regular uploading schedule starting soon!

* Please note that due to some recording issues, Samael’s audio starting at around 35:30 will sound different and is then fixed later on. Our apologies for the variable quality!

Main Segment (Movies)

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