Barnabas’s Boneyard – Episode 7 – The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (SPOILER-FREE REVIEW)

Gravers! Welcome to Barnabas’s Boneyard, a spinoff of the Grave Discussions podcast. Creep on in for new movie reviews, Blu-ray reviews, rankings, topical discussions, and much more from your inimitable host, Barnabas.

The latest episode of Barnabas’s Boneyard, the horrifying ghost with the most covers a new spin on the classic Frankenstein mythos, The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster! This time, the story focuses on a young, genius Black girl intent on “curing” the disease that is death by resurrecting her brother, only to quickly realize that she is in over her head. Watch the video above to hear Barnabas dissect the film and provide his opinion on this controversial interpretation of the iconic monster movie.

Read the full written review at Defacto Film Reviews here.

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