Barnabas’s Boneyard – Episode 6 – Subspecies V: Blood Rise (SPOILER-FREE Review)

Gravers! Welcome to Barnabas’s Boneyard, a spinoff of the Grave Discussions podcast. Creep on in for new movie reviews, Blu-ray reviews, rankings, topical discussions, and much more from your inimitable host, Barnabas.

On the newest episode of Barnabas’s Boneyard, the bloodsucking host covers one of his own, the legendary Radu Vladislas of Subspecies fame, in the highly anticipated prequel from Full Moon Features, Subspecies V: Blood Rise! Released 25 years after Subspecies IV, how does the latest entry fare within the gothic, moody, and highly entertaining vampire franchise from the makers of Puppet Master?

Also, don’t forget to tune into the latest episode of the podcast, Episode 106 – The Mother of All Evil, about Evil Dead Rise, if you haven’t already!

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