Cult Corner – Night of the Demons 2

Brian Trenchard-Smith’s sequel to the original Night of the Demons expands on the humorous tones of the first film to establish its own identity while still retaining the scary, nerve-wracking atmosphere, and has become a cult classic in its own right.

Chopping Block – Creepshow, Episode 1

Creepshow (2019) Episode 1

Since its announcement last summer, Shudder’s “Creepshow series” has been one of the most highly-anticipated projects in horror, and for good reason: the original film franchise is beloved by genre fans, and this revival appeared ready to please.

Cult Corner – Curtains

Curtains - Cult Corner teaser

Richard Ciupka’s “Curtains” is a bit of an oddity in the world of 80s slasher films, embodying the intrigue and menacing close-ups of the giallo and the masked killer gimmick of films like “Halloween” before it.

Chopping Block – St. Agatha

St. Agatha header

This brutal martyrdom in 3rd century Sicily holds perhaps some correlation to Darren Lynn Bousman’s 2018/19 horror-thriller “St. Agatha”, which instead finds a pregnant woman taken in by creepy nuns and, coincidentally, tortured.