Episode 104 – Skinamarinky-Doo

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Warning: Spoilers for Cemetery of Terror and Skinamarink ahead.

Welcome to 2023 and, with it, the most polarizing horror movie in quite some time. Barnabas and Samael enter the new year of fear with a deliciously eerie discussion about the debut arthouse flick that has everybody talking: Skinamarink. Listen closely as the terrifying twosome navigate the film’s nightmarish hallways, minimalistic cinematography, monochromatic visuals, and much more. Also, the fan-favorite Cult Corner returns with a look at an underrepresented ’80s slasher from Mexico, Cemetery of Terror.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 104 – Skinamarinky-Doo”

  1. Nice insights on these films. I do feel Skinamrink can serve has a portal into the subconscious of children possibly in comas or their last memories, but I have to say I agree with you guys that found it to be a slog after the 70 min mark. I think this would have been far more effective and unsettling as a series of shorts, or if it wrapped up at the 75 mins mark. It also needed to be more varied, even David Lynch adds various characters and tones to his nightmarish atmosphere. I should seek out “Heck.”

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